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Carlin Desautels
created an issue

I'd like to leverage the commit hooks to update an issue in between its completion and when the issue has been resolved.

The purpose of this is for multiple contributor projects where a code screening or review process must take place.

This hook should allow a contributor to complete an issue and have another contributor assigned to review the issue, this reviewer determines if the issue should be resolved and closed.

An example commit message: review/needsreview/assign/needswork cwdesautels #123 added a feature

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Carlin,

    So just to clarify, you are asking for new issue states of 'review', 'needsreview', etc and you would like those states to work with the existing issue service?

    At the moment we have decided to keep the issue tracker as simple as possible. Folks that need custom issue statuses and such are encouraged to use a dedicated issue tracker such as JIRA.



  2. Carlin Desautels reporter


    Initially I assumed that the state would remain open. However for clarity sake yes those states would be helpful along side integration with the issue service.

    Additionally having the power to assign a ticket with these proposed 'review' states within the issue service was the focus of this issue.

    Thanks for the consideration

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