reStructuredText files parser incorrectly including blockquote markup (BB-3045)

Issue #3270 invalid
Sergiu Deitsch
created an issue

After the last major Bitbucket update the indentation in my reStructuredText files is set incorrectly. For instance, the uppercase identifiers in README.rst at shouldn't be indented. This problem doesn't occur if the files are compiled using docutils.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    It looks like the reStructuredText parser is adding a blockquote around that markup.

    Do you believe that the blockquote is the correct markup for reStructured syntax?



  2. Sergiu Deitsch reporter

    If the blockquote is responsible for that output, then it doesn't belong there.

    I've attached an HTML file that has been generated from the above README.rst using rst2html. This should give an idea how README.rst actually looks like.

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