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Issue #3271 resolved

Can't delete (view) SSH key

Sergiy Dubovik
created an issue


I have an account on bitbucket - dubik. I added another one dubik2005. I uploaded SSH key but it didn't appear in the SSH keys section. If I add another key, it becomes visible but not the first one. I can't add first key anymore - it says that it already exists. Cloning doesn't work -

Cloning into test...

conq: repository access denied.

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Would be nice if I can delete and reupload my first key again. I think the problem is there.

Comments (6)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Sergiy,

    The issue here is that a single key can only uniquely identify one account.

    Since your key is in use by the dubik account you are unable to add it to the dubik2005 account.

    If you remove the key from the first account you will be able to add it to the second account.

    Let me know if this does not work for you, cheers,


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