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Issue #3283 wontfix

Equation in the Creole Wiki

Matthew Knepley
created an issue

It would be very useful to have equations typeset by MathJax in the site Wiki. Here is an example of someone hacking Creole to do this:




Comments (12)

  1. Jed Brown

    David, the wiki syntax is orders of magnitude less important for scientific and engineering projects. In contrast, lack of support for MathJax is a complete show-stopper, preventing management of technical documentation on bitbucket. I hate the dichotomy of either generating the website on my own with no support for online editing versus needing to manage access for an externally-hosted site.

  2. Blaise Bourdin

    I can't agree more with Jed, and disagree more against ranking this issue as "minor". Without the ability to render equations, the bitbucket wiki is essentially useless for any science / HPC projects. As a matter of fact, if I were to make a decision today vs a few years ago on the dvcs / hosting to use for my work projects, the lack of mathJax support on bitbucket would be an definite show-stopper.

    LaTeX and mathJax are the de-facto standard for scientific typesetting. A wiki lacking the ability to render equations is as useless as one that could not display the letter "e"...

  3. Michael Forbes

    Please, please, please, enable MathJax on bitbucket. See also issue #5420: enabling MathJaX for the README files should be trivial (simply a configuration change) and might go a long way to resolving some of the need for MathJaX on the wiki (which might be harder to fix).

  4. cekees

    This is really important for README files and the wiki. All the light markup languages I use already have decent math support via MathJax, and I've already invested in documentation that would display nicely if it was just enabled.

  5. Tom Roche

    I totally agree that supporting good equation markup is more important than the choice of markup. I can write markdown, creole, mediawiki, whatever.

  6. Vikram Vijayaraghavan

    [EDITED] It would be very helpful to document how to render equations using rst. It took me a while to figure out that I had to include the line ".. default-role:: math" to be able to render equations.

    Also, I am unable to delete this comment.

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