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Issue #3295 resolved

Incorrect Author name while Pushing code to BitBucket repository

created an issue

The Author name on Push appears to come as the following..

username(of my computer)@ComputerFullName

this should instead come as the username of my BitBucket account.

So when I see the commit history on BitBucket, I see checkins made from username(of my computer)@ComputerFullName instead of my username on my BitBucket account

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  1. Sebastian Berm

    Not that I'm part of Bitbucket or something, but this is quite easy to fix for ya ;-).

    This is behavior of the default mercurial plugin you're using... If you go to the commits screen, you will see a '?', click it, and fill out your BB username on the left side, this will link your BB name to your entered commit name :).

  2. Dylan Etkin

    The author string is something that comes from the configuration on your machine (since you are committing locally and pushing to Bitbucket).

    You can set this string for Hg, this http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Setting+the+Mercurial+Username+for+your+Bitbucket+Commits doc talks about doing that. Similarly you can set the Git author, this http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Setting+the+Git+Username+for+your+Bitbucket+Commits doc talks about that.

    As for the commits you have already pushed to Bitbucket Sebastian is right that you can just map your committer string to your user by clicking on the '?'.

    I hope this helps,


  3. setry14 reporter

    Thanks for that link Dylan.

    Looks like right now BB depends on the value being set manually on local HG to get username back to BB. It would be great if there can be a fix which at the time of setting up HG (eg: tortoiseHg) on our machine prompts us to fill up a profile at the start of setup, that ways this manual step of configuration (unless one notices it) can be avoided.

    Thanks again for a prompt response Sebastian and Dylan



  4. setry14 reporter

    U can follow these steps.. 1) Goto HG WorkBench 2) File > Settings 3) U will see 2 tabs in this settings window. Follow the following steps for both tabs 4) Commit > Edit File button 5) Add following lines in text area

    [ui] username = yourUserName <emailAddress>

    6) Save .. do same for second tab also 7) Try to Push code now, u will see ur username synced with BitBucket

  5. martin adaikalam

    Hi there

    The links given are broken. I'm having the same problem in-spite of setting up the name and email on both options>general and remote settings on sourcetree i keep getting

    username(of my computer)@ComputerFullName

    and not the username <email> in bitbucket

    Anyone know where this config file can be edited manually.

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