Gmail parseable token in email notifications (BB-3142)

Issue #3299 resolved
Bryan Hunt created an issue

When Bitbucket sends out an issue change notification. The email contains the following footer.

{{{ Responsible: userdave --

This is an issue notification from Blah blah blah }}}

Anyhow, that isn't very easy to filter when using Gmail, notmuch, etc. It's just not something that's easy to specify using tokens.

It would be awesome - if the email messages contained a parseable token, something like this:

{{{ responsible-userdave -- This is an issue notification from Blah blah blah }}}

Just as readable by a developer. But, can be filtered by Gmail. It isn't currently possible to filter by this line, because Gmail, Outlook, etc cant match something that contains a newline character.

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    I filter all my Bitbucket notifications in gmail via the subject line. Is that not enough repo specific strings?



  2. Bryan Hunt reporter

    We use a single project for all our bugs (some of our developers become easily confused) so filtering by the subject line is insufficient (all the bugs are in our 'planning' project).

    If a bug is assigned to me I want it at the top of my lists.

    I want to filter, by assignee - (potentially) as well as repo.

    I'm actually using notmuch mail as I receive up to 400 messages daily.

  3. Mehmet Catalbas

    I'm not sure when we'll get to this mate, so no promises. We're currently pretty busy working on new features.

  4. Jesper Noehr

    I understand the need to be able to filter on this, but I'm not a fan of changing the message body to be less readable. Yes, we're (mostly) developers, but it seems this change would make the experience worse, not better.

    I'd prefer something instead, which gives you the same benefit, but doesn't change the message body. Can you set up your client to look at headers? Something like injecting a header a la X-Assigned-To: userdave would be more realistic.

  5. Bryan Hunt reporter


    Yes, setting a header would be a more elegant solution. I just picked out the first thing that a quick visual examination revealed.

    There is a larger issue of irrelevant emails being sent to repository subscribers, but adding the header as you describe improve the situation for 99% of user cases.

    Best Regards,

    Bryan Hunt

  6. Bryan Hunt reporter

    I've just done a bit of research:

    Back to the issue of readability, I really don't think it will make a huge difference, the only change I'm suggesting is to remove a single newline character.


    userdave -- 


    Responsible:userdave -- 

    Alternative proposal

    Responsible userdave -- 

    If anything, I'd consider it makes the message, more readable, rather than less readable.

  7. Jesper Noehr

    I read it, but haven't decided whether we want to do this or not. Again, I see the need, but I'm not entirely sure how to solve it.

    I'll have a look now and will give you an update later.

  8. Jesper Noehr

    (In retrospect, this was such a simple change, and I'm sorry it took so long to get it through. In my head it seemed like a lot more work, but a quick look at the email template made it clear.)

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