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Issue #3310 resolved

Confusing UI for readonly wiki page paths (BB-3113)

James Brady
created an issue

== Feature being used == Editing a wiki page - trying to change the path of an existing page.

== Expected behaviour == Clicking inside of the path text input, I would be able to change the value and hit save, changing the path at which the wiki page could be found.

== Actual behaviour == Text in the input is selectable, but text cannot be added, changed or deleted.

This was confusing enough that I tried several different browsers and restarted my computer before thinking to check the HTML, and sure enough the input has readonly="True".

== Suggestion == Either: enable page path changes through the web interface (they're possible when working on the wiki source directly, after all) don't show readonly fields as an input * show an explanation / warning that the input contents are non-editable

Comments (6)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff
    • changed status to open

    Point taken, James. I can see that being very confusing (and indeed, the UI does not support renaming of pages, which would be a more than reasonable feature, I agree).

    I've raised an internal issue for this.


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