Add a "Close version" property (BB-3124)

Issue #3312 closed
Andrea Vacondio
created an issue

Assuming a case where my milestone is 1.0.0 and let's say I have some 1.0.0-BETA and RC planned to reach my milestone or some internal releases. Right not the "version" attribute is not clear if it refers to the version where the bug is found or the version where the bug is closed (or am I misusing the version and milestone properties?). I think a "Close version" property would help clearly stating what version is affected by a bug (version property) and where it has been fixed (close version). It would be also easy to provide a changelog to the users simply querying by "Close version". As fas as I remember also JIRA has this approach.

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  1. Mehmet Catalbas

    An affects/fix version addition might be cool, but I'm not sure when we'll get to implement that. We're currently busy working on different things. I'll add this as an improvement request to our backlog.

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