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Rashad M
created an issue

All, I cannot find any ways of adding a photo to my bitbucket project. I googled a lot and people are more asking about things after uploading the image

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  1. Anonymous

    ok then tell me how to use gravatar. I created a gravatar accout, uploaded my picture on gravatar and I need to know how can I show my gravatar image on bitbucket profile

  2. Mehmet Catalbas
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    Just to clarify, are you trying to use gravatar for your profile, or you'd like to have a project logo for your repository? Title says change profile picture whereas in issue description you're talking about project logo.

  3. Jp Wynn

    The trick is, you don't actually have to DO anything except click the 'save' button on your account page. Clicking the link to gravatar does nothing. It does not 'load' automatically when you log in, you have to click that save button. (confusing as heck, btw.)

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