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Issue #3325 closed

improve Google Analytics integration: support excluding my own traffic (BB-3132)

Christian Specht
created an issue

I have set up Google Analytics for my repositories, but the problem is:

Not many people know about my repositories (yet...), so >90% of the traffic is generated by myself when I browse my repositories on Bitbucket.

I found out that Google Analytics has built-in ways to exclude my own traffic:


There are two ways to do this, both described in the link above:

  1. exclude a range of IP adresses

  2. create a cookie on each of my computers to exclude all traffic from that computer

I would like to use the second possibility, but this requires me to create a page on "my" domain and visit it once from each of my computers.

Which I can't do (of course), because the way I understand it, the page needs to be somewhere under https://bitbucket.org/my_user/my_repository.

Is it possible to automatically create this for Google Analytics-enabled repositories?

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