UI should make it clear how private user count is calculated (BB-3161)

Issue #3341 closed
Salem Korayem
created an issue

According to pricing page, the free edition allows 5 free accounts: https://bitbucket.org/plans

Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/y4rI2.png

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  1. Salem Korayem reporter

    It turns out i have to go to https://bitbucket.org/account/#plans-and-billing and remove/add people there!? Only then I could add the fifth member to the repository.

    But as per the explanation on the pricing page: What is a user? Someone with read or write access to one of your private repositories.

    So this means I could have 5 users on one repo and totally different 5 users on another repo. According to what happened with me, that's not the case.

  2. David Chambers

    Bitbucket's account limits refer to the total number of users with access to one or more of your private repositories. This is best clarified by way of example:

    Foo (private)

    • andrew (reader)
    • brian (reader)
    • christine (reader)

    Bar (private)

    • andrew (reader)
    • david (reader)

    Baz (public)

    • andrew (writer)
    • edward (writer)

    Since Baz is a public repo, it's ignored in the calculations. Between Foo and Bar, four users have been granted access. Since you as the repo owner also count towards the total, your plans and billing widget would display "5/X private users".

    We should make this clearer, as many people have assumed that the limit is applied on a per repo basis.

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