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Issue #3342 invalid

Wildcard SSL certificates fail authentication in TortoiseHG 2.2

created an issue

All clone, sync and update features fail with the message "SSL: Server certificate verify failed"

We use a wildcard SSL certificate. The CN on the certificate begins with an * (asterisk). As in; *.some-domain.tld. We are using mercurial-2.0.win32-py2.6.exe on the server. I've tried setting the ServerAlias in Apache to the CN name and it doesn't help. I've verified that up-to-date cacert.pem is configured. The only solution is to manually configure .hg/hgrc with [hostfingerprints] rule where the hostname is matched by the SHA-1 fingerprint of our SSL certificate.

This is most cumbersome. Please help. Thank you.

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