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Issue #3349 resolved

Delete a wiki page?

Sune Riedel
created an issue

How do I delete a wiki page?

Is it even possible?

...it should be - and it's not very obvious how to do it.

In a related note: How do I find orphaned pages?

Comments (19)

  1. Mehmet Catalbas

    Deleting a wiki page could be done in two ways:

    • You removed the content from the page.
    • You clone the wiki repository and delete pages, commit and push back.

    Although still might not be easy, when you clone the wiki repo, you can find orphaned pages in it. We currently don't have a functionality to automatically find orphaned pages for wikis.

  2. Anonymous

    What happened with this issue? Can we delete wiki pages?

    I tried to remove the contents of the page but it wont allow me.

  3. Anonymous

    I have not investigated the workarounds proposed by Mehmet - but it would seem that the only way to have full control of your pages (and to find and delete orphans), you must clone the wiki repo, delete what you don't need anymore and push the changes.

    Not a user-friendly solution...

  4. Gabe D

    Well 2 suggestions. 1. That there be a complete wiki commit/history which at the moment there is not 2. This will allow for history of all pages including those which have been delete there by allowing deletion.

    Also if I can just delete them via the git or mercurial why is there not a delete option.

  5. Senico

    +1 for a simple delete button. I see no reason why delete functionality should be relegated to a complex operation when Create Retrieve and Update can all be done from the site.

  6. Alexander Manekovskiy

    We need delete wiki page button since most of our team members are not familiar with git/mercurial and it is a rocket science for them to make changes locally in filesystem and then commit these changes.

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