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comment preview is inconsistent

Casey Casey
created an issue

Hello, I really like the wiki markup. I have noticed that the formatting in the comment preview is different than it appears once posted. Just a small annoyance.

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  1. David Chambers

    You're right. There are many reasons we haven't devoted time to remedying this:

    • WikiCreole is more or less a dead project (we plan to support one or more alternatives at some point)
    • We haven't found an excellent Creole-to-HTML converter written in JavaScript
    • The Bitbucket-specific macros are not necessarily rendered correctly in the preview
    • We have some wonky CSS, so even when the client-side converter generates the correct markup we don't necessarily display it correctly!
  2. Casey Casey reporter

    Thanks for the info. Those are some challenging constraints.

    I'm a bit fan of markdown. Either way I look forward to alternatives even if it means discontinuing support for wiki markup.

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