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Issue #3375 wontfix

git-svn-id clutters newsfeed

Patrick Plenefisch
created an issue

After you push a git mirror of a svn repository, the newsfeed is made a mess by listing the git-svn-id, which has no immediately useful information. Hg mirrors of the same svn repo has no extra information shown, avoiding git's clutter. ex: https://bitbucket.org/byteit101, ZomB Dashboard System vs. ZomB Dashboard System (Git)

Comments (4)

  1. Nicolas Venegas


    The reason that the newsfeed displays these "git-svn-id" lines is because git-svn adds them to commit messages.

    I don't think we're willing to special case displaying of the newsfeed to remove "git-svn-id" lines, since they may be significant to some people.



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