Repository commit and follower statistics are wrong on repository search and profiles (BB-2590)

Issue #3391 closed
Mateusz Heleniak
created an issue

In such cases commit count include only commits pushed to repository after migration to BitBucket.

This bug occurs at

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  1. Mateusz Heleniak reporter
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    Yes problem still persists. For example for EstrisaAssets imported from GitHub commit count on this page is 1 (this one was pushed after migration to BitBucket) although this repo contains 100 commits.

  2. Johannes Dewender

    This is still an issue. Example:

    Epydoc-m was imported from github and should have > 1 k commits. However, none are displayed in the search result.

    Another example: (55 commits, displayed as 0 in search) (23 commits, displayed as 0 in search) (979 commits, displayes as 2824 in search)

    Note that hangy/ikulo is a hg repository (not imported from github) and the repository is created 2008 (not just now). There are also commit counts that are too high (beets example).

    This is not just a minor presentation bug, since the number of commits is an aspect used to find active and/or big projects.

  3. Johannes Dewender

    epydoc-m now shows up with 4 commits, that is still off by 1500 commits. No clue why the count is 4 now.

    Additionally, the number of followers is not accurate. In the number of followers for neeraj is listed as 5, but there are only 2 followers.

    Listing these stats in searches was one big thing where bitbucket was supposed to be better for open source projects than github, where you only get stats listed for the root, not for the forks.

  4. greku

    The number of commits on the search page should be the correct total number of commits of the repo. Otherwise, the sorting by "commit count" is pretty unmeaningful.

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