Support "BB-1" form for referencing issues in commits (BB-3269)

Issue #3392 resolved
Mateusz Heleniak
created an issue

This allows better code portability as issue trackers can change many times in project/repo lifetime.

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  1. Mateusz Heleniak reporter

    Is this resolved - really?

    Issues are not fixed when using "fixes BB-X" in message commit, and issue ID in commit descriptions is still not linked.

    What was done here then? And marked as resolved?

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hey @Mateusz Heleniak,

    I resolved this because we support issue links now

    The work for transitioning issues with commit messages is handled by the JIRA DVCS connector, details here

    If you are not seeing issue links then it is likely you have not configured them yet. Head to the admin section and check it out.



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