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Old Hat
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Is there a way to alias a user to a computer for all projects?

We have many repositories and have SSH keys set up on our computers, but instead the username showing up from the person who commits from that computer, the SSH Key shows up not referencing the actual bitbucket account that created it. This can be solved by aliasing that key to a user in the project repository, but that means I have to do it for every project and every user working on that project. Is it possible not to even have the keys register? The username is set with the remote git request so why isn't just pulling from there. You may have some reason I am not aware of but that seems more logical to me than to have to reference the user each time. Thanks. Keep up the good work. :)

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Old Hat

    Bitbucket uses the email address contained in a commit's author string to determine which Bitbucket user account to link to.

    So you first want to make sure you have correctly set the username configuration setting in your mercurial or git settings. For example, "Nicolas Venegas <>". See "Setting a username" at or

    Next, you'll need to make sure the email address in your author string is a confirmed email address on Bitbucket.

    Once you have that going, commits from then on should correctly link to your user account, no matter which repository they're pushed to.

    Does that address your problem?



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