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Issue #3407 resolved

User based issue tracking

Micah Wood
created an issue

It would be great if I could go to one screen and gain access to all issues for all my projects. Being able to filter all issues by priority, type, assignee, etc across projects would make the issue tracker much, much more appealing.

Comments (6)

  1. David Chambers

    I agree. This would be awesome. I don't think it's realistic to expect to see this happen within the next 12 months, though, so I'm hoping to build something along these lines in my own time. If I do, and if there's support for the feature, hopefully it can be rolled into Bitbucket itself.

    In fact, if anyone's interested in collaborating on such a project, get in touch. :)

  2. Kevin Smith

    Was wanting to request this feature - We work on multi-repo's and have a hard time remembering going into each to check issues... Would love for this feature to be added!!!

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