HP dv 1000 web cam loader does not work

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Anonymous created an issue

have HP dv1600 and Webcam 1000. ./loader gives me the below error:

l:~/r5u87x$ ./loader Searching for device...

Error: Failed to find any supported webcams

lsusb out is:

Bus 005 Device 002: ID 05ca:1870 Ricoh Co., Ltd Webcam 1000

My web cam is listed in the model-matrix.txt file but it says not supported by loader. Is there any other way to load the firmware?

Extract from supported model file.

0x05CA 0x1870 R5U870 WDM HP Pavilion Webcam / HP Webcam 1000 VID/PID combination used by two distinct devices. dv1xxx appears to be the less common of the two. The only way to check the difference is to read the model number out via DMI. Not currently supported by loader.