Option to send out monthly/weekly issue mails (BB-324)

Issue #341 open
Jesper Noehr created an issue

The repo admin should be able to select whether he want weekly, monthly, or nothing at all (default) summary emails.

These should contain information on how many issues are in various states on various milestones, and what activity there has been in that time period.


  • Open issues breakdown (total + new)
  • Opened and re-opened issues
  • Closed issues
  • Top issues most discussed

Yes, I'm blatantly ripping off the python-dev summary emails. But they're nice.

Anyone feel free to add more ideas.

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  1. Guillaume Simard

    There hasn't been a comment here since 2012.

    I'm getting heavily spammed by everyone making comments during code reviews on pull requests. I wish I could get notified but with a batch of changes.. or perhaps once per day with all changes for that day.

    Something similar to what Google Drive does with notifications following comments and @mentions should be good enough.

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