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Jan-Philip Gehrcke created an issue


in a non-public repository, we have two users. I am the admin, the other guy has write access. He committed a changeset and I used the comment function in the bitbucket web interface to comment on exactly this commit. Directly after commenting, my comment was visible with beautiful syntax highlighting on the commit page. That was yesterday.

The other guy received my comment as email. Now, we both cannot view my comment anymore in the web interface. In the commits overview, there is this little bubble indicating that a comment has been posted to the commit. After clicking on it, we both just get to the commit page and see


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-- my comment should appear inbetween these two lines, right? It is somehow gone. What's the matter with this?



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  1. Martin Pengelly-Phillips

    We are also seeing this issue. All comments have disappeared. Presuming this is a result of the migration that occurred. Is there a fix?



  2. David Chambers

    Apparently we generated a bad JavaScript bundle which likely caused this problem. The bundle was regenerated seven hours ago. Please reopen the issue if the problem persists (I've been unable to reproduce it).

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