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Issue #3422 resolved

Issue tracker priority arrows difficult for the colorblind to distinguish (BB-2265)

Peter Girard
created an issue

The red and green arrows appear to be the same color to those of us who are red-green color blind. The attached file shows an original snapshot of the interface along side a grayscale of the same. Note how difficult the arrows are to distinguish. They vary only in hue, not in saturation or value. Please consider changing one of the colors to make them easier to see.

Comments (6)

  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for the suggestion, Peter Girard. I agree that there's a great deal of room for improvement here. We recently hired Joel Unger, the team's first dedicated designer. I'm sure he'll produce some better icons when he gets a chance to tackle the issue tracker. We'll do our best to avoid relying so heavily on colour in future.

  2. Dan Nelson

    Not everyone has wide screens and plenty of space (and even if you do have a wide screen, your browser may not be set to fill the entire screen).. A column with only a few possible values works just fine as an icon. If you are unfamiliar with the symbol, the mouseover text tells you what it represents. Maybe include a legend at the bottom of the page for people using touchscreens that can't "hover".

  3. Peter Girard reporter

    (Reply via pgi...@appgeo.com):

    The arrows on the overhauled interface are much easier to distinguish. Thank you!

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