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Issue #3444 duplicate

How to list all wiki pages in bitbucket website? (BB-3367)

created an issue

I create wikis in bitbucket and I need to check my wiki pages. But I can NOT find a button on the page that can let list all my pages.

I know I can do it git clone xxxx.git/wiki, but it jsut can be done in my local host. When I need to check all my wiki pages online, Bitbucket can not do that.

Sorry to compare to Github, BB need more enhancement.

Thank you!

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff
    • changed status to open

    Yeah, I agree that it's unfortunate that a wiki doesn't really offer all the views and functionalities of normal repos, even though are plain hg or git repos.

    Adding this functionality on top of the current URL structure is difficult, but I've raised an internal issue for it.


  2. Peter Rademaker

    Since there is no way to upvote an issue, I'll just put in my two cents as a comment:

    I agree that without a "page list" feature it is really easy to create a page and to lose it/have a hard time finding it back. I know it is not really lost, but still it is quite a lot of work to find back your page, especially for first time users.

    Even a workaround like adding "< <TOC / > >" to the main page does not always solve the problem, because the TOC only seems to list headers, so a page without headers still won't show up.

    These issues seem to be related/duplicates:

  3. Bruno Peixoto

    This may seem silly, but it is very annoying not being able to list the pages in an easy and practical.

    I am new in Bitbucket and I am very disappointed. Maybe I'll try another tool.

  4. jerbot

    I don't even know what to say. I can't believe this functionality isn't built in. There's a 'history' button on the wiki page. What's that for? Nothing?

  5. jerbot

    I think someone just needs to post the code, dude. But nobody really cares because it's either extremely easy, or it's like: "I'll just never do this, ever." Like, it's not worth spending an hour researching because people can communicate at more developed places.

  6. jerbot

    Boris WAGUIA WAGUIA This was requested over 2 years ago on a separate thread, and nobody's moving on it. It requires that someone with server access alter the website, and it looks like this issue is never going to be looked at.

    So, from the first post, try editting the homepage and setting it to 'Creole', and then adding << toc />>, like this: https://bitbucket.org/marijnvanderzee/build-wiki/wiki/edit/TocTests.

    Then, every time you create a new wiki page, copy the URI and paste the URI as a subsection.... You could also create section pages, but you might find that redundant or otherwise unnecessary.... I'm not gonna tell you what to do. ^^

    So, just a sample:

    = # Test Stuff =
    == # Section ==
    === ##Subsection ===
    === # Test page ===
    === ##[[https://bitbucket.org/boriswaguia/REPOSITORYNAME/wiki/My%20test|My page (test)]] - Posted by Jerbot @ ~8:00: jerbot @ thisaintmyemail ===
    Summary: A test page, to flesh out the wiki page.
    <<toc / 2>>
  7. Adam Tea

    The wiki feature is so basic and barebones. It's a fantastic idea to have a wiki attached to a repo, but since it's so unusable we're forced to use other better alternatives like Google Drive.

  8. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi all, just a reminder that this issue was closed as a duplicate of #2659 some time ago. Please vote (+1's are ignored) on that issue to ensure we properly account for community interest in adding this enhancement.

  9. Anonymous

    Github really pulling away from bitbucket now on features. Used to be a close run thing. Is anybody working on bitbucket these days?

  10. Jason Boyle

    This seems like a pretty popular request -- why isn't Bitbucket implementing it? It seems relatively straight-forward; maybe just a link for "list all wiki pages"?

    This would be an easy way to make a lot of people happy; bad move Bitbucket.

  11. jerbot

    Just want to restate, the comment I left before does work, as a work-around. There isn't an on-site script that does this automatically. I don't know why they've had this as a will-fix issue for two years, but nothing has been done. Zzz.

  12. jerbot

    Please stop bumping this post with meaningless info and +1's. Leave the useful at the bottom of the page, where it's easy to locate.

    There are two posts, above that resolve this issue:

    • Post by myself, above.
    • Post by Tarks, above.
  13. Marek Cendrowicz

    Having in mind the enhanced editor options in JIRA and Confluence I'm really disappointed. The Bitbucket wiki is useless without simple access to child pages. Are they child pages at all? Don't think so.

  14. Mike Bray

    I agree a simple button on the page would help but I just created a page called toc, made it creole markup and entered <<toc / 2>>. When it was saved I got a list of all of my pages.

  15. Marcio Mazzucato

    Now it's possible to see all Wiki files. Suppose you have a Wiki in a repository called Stackevoflow.

    Home path

    When you click in the root path (Repository's name) you will get the list of all Wiki files, like below.

    Wiki files

  16. Sudhakar R

    I ended up editing the home page to be a dummy by adding the /browse link in it. Then anyone in my team can go to the listing page from the default wiki page (home). Ugly but works

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