Add a Keyboard Shortcut for issue creation (BB-3460)

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cori schlegel made the following comment on our Keyboard shortcut page:

this may be too many keyboard shortcuts, but it would be brilliant if you could do things like i then + to add a new issue.

I hate hopping over to the trackball for one click amongst a lot of typing.

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  1. IanM

    It's surprising that BitBucket provides 'C' then 'R' to create a new repository (something I do approximately once per month), but it doesn't have 'C' then 'I' to create a new issue (something I do several times per hour).

    Please include this minor feature at the next shortcut update.

  2. coris

    in fact, even being able to use a shortcut on the main issues page would be a perfectly fine alternative, so you could "r+i", "n" or something along those lines....

  3. Lukas Kovarik

    Is there any shortcut for accessing the Workflow dropdown? And for finding issues On Hold? It would save me a lot of time, because when testing/approving the stuff according to our workflow I have to:

    1) go to the issue list 2) click All 3) find some On Hold 3b) click the On Hold tag to see the list of issues I have to test 4) go to the issue 5) Click Workflow 6) select Resolved with high probability of clicking on something else

    Very inefficient indeed. Am I missing something? Are you folks doing it somehow easier?

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