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Issue #3454 duplicate

Someone following my private repos?

Miguel García Martín
created an issue

Hello! I've got some private repositories here at Bitbucket. Today, viewing repository list at this URL https://bitbucket.org/repo/mine, I noticed that some of them has followers. I click on the number to view followers but I can see no one following that repository.

What does that number count? Is someone following my private repos?


Comments (3)

  1. Arthur McBain

    I happened upon this issue by chance, and it appears there is a discrepancy with public repositories also. I found that if I visited your /mine link, the numbers are not right for my only 3 public repositories. The repo with 3 followers says it has 6 on that page, the one with 2 says it has 5, and the one with 1 says it has 2.

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