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Hi! For some reason I can't push my project to bitbucket anymore. git@bitbucket.org:deviantstudio/cooltool.git I use Eclipse with EGit and about a week ago I was able to push normal. Here is a screenshot http://gyazo.com/91adbbcd689e65ea77d90c521f4fc53b.png

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Could you please contact support for this so we can gather some more info on your repository by emailing support@bitbucket.org ?

    In the meantime you could try to run the push on the command line to get some more information than your EGit's "rejected" message.


  2. Gloria Muse

    I had this same issue, when clicking on "Push to Upstream", then tried "Push", and selected a few values (source & destination refs), and clicked "force update", and this seemed to resolve the issue. Now the "Push to Upstream" also is working again. Hope this helps anyone else who might see this same issue. G

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