BitBucket does not show tags in git repository

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I have created a few tags in my git repository.

{{{ $ git tag -l v0.9.10 v0.9.11 version-0.9.10

$ git status

On branch master

nothing to commit (working directory clean)

$ git push origin Everything up-to-date


But download page ( ) says the following:

{{{ Tags

No tags exist for pl-vkmp3 yet. }}}

Looks like a bug.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Alexandr,

    Did you actually explicitly push the tags to the repository? You need to do this with Git.

    I have tested some Git repos that contain tags and we are displaying them.

    Let me know, cheers,


  2. Andriy Kravchenko
    • changed status to open


    $ git tag
    $ git push
    Everything up-to-date
    $ git status
    # On branch master
    nothing to commit (working directory clean)

    After this I see no tags on Downloads page.

    Could you please chek my repo (I have only one repo and don't want to publish its URL)?

  3. 6rissly

    I used the command above:

    git push origin tag-name

    and I refreshed the profile page for my repo on bitbucket. there I saw that the number of tags changed from 0 to 1. however, when I went to click the 'tag' link/icon the list of tags was empty...

    Am I doing something wrong??

  4. Melinda Moran

    I am having the same problem where I had completed git push --tags, and the Souce -> master (brach pull down) -> tags (tab right of branches) are not showing up. But when I do a full clone again of my repository, the branches show up, and the tag that I just added is there too?!

  5. Melinda Moran

    OK - so the tags finally showed up, I pushed one more tag as a test, and both of the tags are now seen. Is this truly a timing issue, or did my second tag actually do some push which was not correctly done before:

    $ git tag -l
    $ git push --tags --repo=""
  6. Christopher Corbell

    Similar issue - some tags pushed show up immediately in bitbucket web - usually when I have the "push" checkbox on creation of the tag in SourceTree. If I don't check this when adding the tag, and later do a push (of all branches, with the "Push All Tags" box checked) - the web interface shows an incremented count, but the tag does not show up in the list of tags drop-down. Also the tag does show up on the commit, but shows up greyed-out as if disabled. Note also that I am usually tagging a merge commit (of develop into master branch). I wonder at a low level what SourceTree is doing differently when you choose to push while creating the tag vs. when you push later.

  7. Gene Dahilig

    I just pushed tags to my repo and they are not showing up on the browser page. Interestingly enough, the screen shows "1 tag" but when I select it, the popup says "No Matching Tags". See attached images.

    screenshot.png screenshot 2.png

    Please re-open and resolve.

  8. Justin Young

    I pushed the tag, and I didn't see the tag in the commits list for about 10 minutes, but I could see it on the commit itself. Logout and login didn't seem to accelerate this timeline. After waiting, I can now see it in the commits list.

  9. Serkan Kalay

    I have the same problem and logging out-and-in does not work for me. Tag I created from Visual Studio 2015 is not shown in my repository. I do check from Git Bash and can see the tag there. Any comment? I need help.

  10. Andrew Tabit

    @Dylan Etkin, I am curious why this issue is marked as resolved though people report the issue is still there? I have a repo and just created a tag in the web interface but it doesn't show up in the list of tags on Commits page. There's definitely an issue with it. Maybe just caching. But it is a bug from user standpoint.

  11. Rob Anderson

    The fig leaf over the naked bug is the BitBucket tag documentation that says that only "annotated" tags work. (made with "git tag -a ..." command or similar).

    Of course, if you use something like the Maven release tool/plugin, it does not create "annotated" tags, just vanilla (no metadata) tags. Which brings me back to how I know about the documentation - I can't see my tags, either.

    The tags feature in BitBucket needs some more work, perhaps a checkbox to toggle annotated or not visibility. Having to drill down into documentation that tells you that most of what is done with tags won't work is not that helpful.

  12. Rob Anderson

    Oops, my bad: whether or not tags are pushed is configurable. Apparently the Maven release plugin was pushing the tags to our in-house repositories as part of "mvn release:perform" or prepare. The following seems to make the tags visible on BitBucket:

    git push --tags bitbucket

    Note that "bitbucket" is the name of the remote I gave to BitBucket, rather than "origin", which was already in use.

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