BitBucket does not show tags in git repository

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I have created a few tags in my git repository.

{{{ $ git tag -l v0.9.10 v0.9.11 version-0.9.10

$ git status

On branch master

nothing to commit (working directory clean)

$ git push origin Everything up-to-date


But download page ( ) says the following:

{{{ Tags

No tags exist for pl-vkmp3 yet. }}}

Looks like a bug.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Alexandr,

    Did you actually explicitly push the tags to the repository? You need to do this with Git.

    I have tested some Git repos that contain tags and we are displaying them.

    Let me know, cheers,


  2. Andriy Kravchenko
    • changed status to open


    $ git tag
    $ git push
    Everything up-to-date
    $ git status
    # On branch master
    nothing to commit (working directory clean)

    After this I see no tags on Downloads page.

    Could you please chek my repo (I have only one repo and don't want to publish its URL)?

  3. 6rissly

    I used the command above:

    git push origin tag-name

    and I refreshed the profile page for my repo on bitbucket. there I saw that the number of tags changed from 0 to 1. however, when I went to click the 'tag' link/icon the list of tags was empty...

    Am I doing something wrong??

  4. Melinda Moran

    I am having the same problem where I had completed git push --tags, and the Souce -> master (brach pull down) -> tags (tab right of branches) are not showing up. But when I do a full clone again of my repository, the branches show up, and the tag that I just added is there too?!

  5. Melinda Moran

    OK - so the tags finally showed up, I pushed one more tag as a test, and both of the tags are now seen. Is this truly a timing issue, or did my second tag actually do some push which was not correctly done before:

    $ git tag -l
    $ git push --tags --repo=""
  6. Christopher Corbell

    Similar issue - some tags pushed show up immediately in bitbucket web - usually when I have the "push" checkbox on creation of the tag in SourceTree. If I don't check this when adding the tag, and later do a push (of all branches, with the "Push All Tags" box checked) - the web interface shows an incremented count, but the tag does not show up in the list of tags drop-down. Also the tag does show up on the commit, but shows up greyed-out as if disabled. Note also that I am usually tagging a merge commit (of develop into master branch). I wonder at a low level what SourceTree is doing differently when you choose to push while creating the tag vs. when you push later.

  7. Gene Dahilig

    I just pushed tags to my repo and they are not showing up on the browser page. Interestingly enough, the screen shows "1 tag" but when I select it, the popup says "No Matching Tags". See attached images.

    screenshot.png screenshot 2.png

    Please re-open and resolve.

  8. Justin Young

    I pushed the tag, and I didn't see the tag in the commits list for about 10 minutes, but I could see it on the commit itself. Logout and login didn't seem to accelerate this timeline. After waiting, I can now see it in the commits list.

  9. Serkan Kalay

    I have the same problem and logging out-and-in does not work for me. Tag I created from Visual Studio 2015 is not shown in my repository. I do check from Git Bash and can see the tag there. Any comment? I need help.

  10. Andrew Tabit

    @Dylan Etkin, I am curious why this issue is marked as resolved though people report the issue is still there? I have a repo and just created a tag in the web interface but it doesn't show up in the list of tags on Commits page. There's definitely an issue with it. Maybe just caching. But it is a bug from user standpoint.

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