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A nice to have would be to be able to commit against a branch that has the same name as an issue id, and get link backs in the same way that when you put #n in the commit comment you get a linkback. That way you could have a workflow by which you create a bug, all work is done on a branch and all commits would link via the UI to the bug.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
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    I'm not sure I understand -- do you mean a way to reference a branch in the commit message?

    Something like:

    Something something, fixes #137 in the [foobar] branch

    Or am I way off?

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    ATM on our own hg repo we have a post-commit hook that looks the branch name for each changeset and then generates a link to that changeset as a comment in the issue (in Bugzilla). When you look through an issue, you will see every comment that was made, plus, because we have a branch per issue, a link to the changeset of for every revision on that branch - so the bug report groups all of the comments and all of the code together in one place. I can see you a screenshot if you'd like.

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    Here is a screenshot from the comments of an issue we have in Bugzilla. It shows the interleaving of comments and links to commits that were inserted by a hook in mercurial.

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