Issue #3487 resolved

commits don't appear in events list - probably a cache issue

Jakub Zalewski
created an issue

last commit is from 2011-12-08

other new events (create repo, wiki edit) appear

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I can't see anything wrong (the commits correctly map to your user account and you're following the repos in question). The only thing I can think of is that because the newsfeed is truncated, yours doesn't go back further than 6 days, which is about the time of your last commits to those repos.

    You could make a fresh commit to either of those 2 repos to verify if that's the reason.


  2. Jakub Zalewski reporter

    I don't understand how's nothing wrong. The list is supposed to give me my commits list, I commit to my public repos, but my last commit on the list is from 2011-12-08! Since then there were newer commits to my public repos and they don't show up - the list is stuck at december last year.

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    Hey Jakub,

    I've had a closer look and I can see that our database does not contain any commit events newer than 21 December 2011.

    This can mean a couple of things.

    1. At the time you made your recent commits to the 2 repos you mentioned, Bitbucket was unable to resolve the committer string to your account. Typical reasons for this include:
      1. the commit string uses an email address different than what's on your Bitbucket account
      2. your email address isn't confirmed
      3. the committer string does not contain an email address at all (your case)
    2. We have a bug and somehow either lost those events, or never published them in the first place.

    I can see that the commits in question do not contain your Bitbucket email address, but just your username. To Bitbucket, this is just a string like any other. Having the username alone on the committer string is not sufficient to have those commits attributed to you.

    The reason for this is that many people inadvertently create commits with the committer string set to their UNIX login name (because they forgot to configure hg or git appropriately). To avoid burying Bitbucket user "root" with hundred of random commits from unrelated people, we do not auto-match those.

    Now I see that you created a User Alias in your repo, but since I suspect you did that recently (after those commits were pushed).

    Since events are generated at the time of a push (not when your newsfeed is visited), changing/adding/confirming your email address to match the actual commits, or creating custom aliases, does not retroactively produce commit events in your feed.

    Does this sound like what might have happened?

    Regards, Erik

  4. Jakub Zalewski reporter

    Now that you mention this case, it sounds plausible. From what I have observed, my commits were matching my account flawlessy before as long as I had set up 'zalew' as the username (default was 'hg' when I forgot and it didn't match my bb user). I recently noticed, that some of my commits even as 'zalew' (hg username) aren't matched (no link, no avatar), so I set up the aliases, I don't know if a change in bb codebase altered the behavior, or was it some config occurence on my side, I'm failing to spot the pattern causing this issue because most my hg configs are pretty much the same.

    To make it worse, a fun fact: on a private repo I'm and admin of (but not an owner), I don't have any username config in hgrc whatsoever, and my commits are matched flawlessly.

    I just made an experiment on this repo right now. According to I have added

    username = Jakub Zalewski <>

    to my hgrc, and set up an alias 'Jakub Zalewski <>' for this project. I commited this and username still appears unmatched (with '?').

    It's possible I am still doing something wrong, if so, could you give me a hint how to set it up properly?

    Also, is there a possibility to backward match my recent previous commits to my user, or it would need to override all my repo history (which is a bit too much of a hassle for this issue)?

    Thanks for the help

  5. Erik van Zijst staff

    Also, is there a possibility to backward match my recent previous commits to my user, or it would need to override all my repo history (which is a bit too much of a hassle for this issue)?

    The only time event records are generated is during a push. So if you *really* want to generate events for this missed commits, you could to strip your repo and re-push it.

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