What is the storage limit for free accounts?

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How big can my repository be?

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Hi Anonymous,

    We do not enforce any size limits. Unlimited is unlimited. However, we do ask people to use Bitbucket for software related stuff (Bitbucket is not intended to be used as a personal backup service for your home directory or MP3s).


  2. Thomas Jakway

    The implication was not that you can't store any audio files on bitbucket, just that they should be related to your programming project and not your personal music collection.

  3. Abdulrazaq Omar

    UPDATE- Bitbucket Support Team

    Please refer to our official guidelines and size limits on Bitbucket repositories in this article.. Bitbucket does not have any limits on the amount of size a user consumes in their account, but a single repository should not go over 2GB, as GIT will normally start suffering performance problems and that's by Git design.

    Hope this clarifies more.

  4. Aasim Naseem Siddiqui

    we do ask people to use Bitbucket for software related stuff

    That means if I use BitBucket for only my project's code, then I don't need to worry about how much big my source code is? and How much repositories I create in my account .. right? Its looks like life time free account ... if and only if we use it for our source codes.. please correct me if I'm wrong.


  5. Erik van Zijst

    @Aasim Naseem Siddiqui Yes, that is pretty much what it comes down to. Source code does not require a lot of space and so you should not expect to run into any limits.

    For reference, the Linux kernel, one of the most successful and high-traffic projects I can think of, is less than 1GB.

    As for the number of repos you can create under your account: unlimited.

  6. Erik van Zijst

    When you are very close to the limit then a push can eventually push the repo over the threshold and then you would indeed no longer be able to use it.

    However, you will start seeing warning banners on your repo once you go over 1GB, so there is quite a margin.

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