Add live-preview when editing Markdown files online (BB-3466)

Issue #3491 open
André Thieme
created an issue

In the Overview tab my can be displayed. Unfortunately I have no preview of this, so this might take me several commits to get it right. It would be great if you offered a preview, so that I can write my readme directly in the browser, or at least paste it there to see it. For the issue tracker you already provide such a preview (albeit it is not previewing Markdown, but another format).

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  1. Anonymous

    +1 Hello, dear dev team! :] I know and understand, that you're treating BitBucket like an orphan child (because it is free for most users) and you're focusing all your powers on JIRA. But... did you noticed, that within two days we will celebrate second birthday since this issue was risen? Yes, two years has passed and you did nothing to a feature request, that most of us takes as crucial and fundamental. No matter, if you like this or not, we really need a live preview for all the Markdown edits!

  2. Huu Da Tran

    Using external tools may solve basic Markdown display, but when using specific feature like syntax highlighting, it's another story.

    And of course, using this becomes worse when you take documents from Github and bring it here, it just doesn't work (```lang vs :::lang).

  3. Zachary Davis

    Hi all, we currently offer preview functionality for markdown on all comments, pull request and issue descriptions, and wikis.

    Just to clarify, what is being asked for here is specifically a preview for the README (or, presumably, other markdown files) when editing source online with Bitbucket?

  4. André Thieme reporter

    Yes exactly Zach, when I want to edit a .rst or .md file online, I would love to see a preview before I saw my changes. Because otherwise I will end up with 8 unnecessary commits, cause my readme/docs don’t get displayed as I hoped for. It seems trivial to add this feature, as BitBucket already is able to render such files, and there already are certain preview capabilities implemented. Would be very nice if you could add this.

  5. Stephen Sykes

    Even worse, what works fine in hashify or dillinger fails in the bitbucket file. So I have a README which is poorly formatted, because your formatting is not consistent with standard online tools, and you have no preview of your own.

  6. Fidel Tamondong

    ..or if we can't have a preview feature, it'd be nice if Bitbucket renders *.md files exactly like Hashify, for example, so we could at least see what we're doing there instead.

  7. Merlin Patterson

    +1 especially since Bitbucket has different parsing rules then some of the mentioned preview pages.

    For instance, I did not know Bitbucket required 4 spaces of indentation for sublists.

    Also, while a live preview would be preferred, a confirmation page with the preview on it would work too.

  8. Todd Lyons

    I don't know why exactly, but I have one repo which has a link that allows me to edit the and has a button that shows me the preview of the file. I have several other repos with a that does NOT allow me to edit the I don't know what the difference is other than when I created the new repo, I created the from the bitbucket webpage, whereas the others probably already existed in an imported git repo.

  9. Georges Haddad

    +1 I just had this issue yesterday of not being able to preview the .md file. What made it worse was that I used an external editor to view what I was doing and then I realized that bitbucket was not rendering the code block syntax correctly (while other markdown editors were) If I had a preview I would have adjusted to the lack of syntax support.

  10. Anonymous

    +1 This is all to common everywhere else for it to not be a feature. Also, I can't believe it was requested 5 years ago but nothing has happened...

  11. jonathan maurice

    Just came here, see it's been 5 years already. It seems impossible to find an online tool that matches bitbucket syntax exactly so there is always this suspense when you edit your files. Is it good ? How many ridiculous commits will be necessary ? I just created a private dummy repo to test my md file... So weird.

  12. Georges Haddad

    Wiktor Tomczak, in Bitbucket on the "Overview" section of a repo there is the display of your standard that gets shown. Right there on the page there is a link "Edit README" if you click on that you will get a md editor and preview.

    Oddly enough if you browse the source code and edit the file from there, then there is no preview.

    So it seems like Bitbucket has this capability to preview markdown but it is on one place.

  13. Alexander J. Summers

    I think the ability to preview the repository readme file has been there for a long time, but .md files in a repository can't be previewed (even though they can also be edited via the web interface).

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