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Better explain how to import non-standard SVN repositories (BB-8928)

Damian Nowak
created an issue

"The URL does not point to trunk."

Hey, I know better what points to trunk! I hold two projects in one repository. Let me just define anything.


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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Damian,

    The yellow warning box that comes up and suggests to use trunk is just that, a suggestion.

    We will import the URL you provide us. You just need to click the import button.

    So if you provide the URL you show in your example you should be able to import your repos.

    I hope this helps, cheers,


  2. Dawid Cieszyński

    I also left importing when I saw this message. After hours I'm trying to find any workaround and I see this. Maybe you can add "(you can still import your repository)" at the end of message?

  3. Brendon McCarthy

    Same here. I gave up and moved files to the "trunk" for several projects before discovering this. Message is currently "red" with a ! which implies you cannot continue.

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