Fill "Date modified" column on search tab

Issue #3501 wontfix
André Thieme
created an issue

On the search tab of a repo it would be useful to see the last date when a file in some subfolder was changed. Currently the date column is empty for folders. Instead of this behaviour I suggest to recurse through the folders (or calculate it from the commits) and find the most current update date and use that one for the corresponding column. This adds more overiew to the source tab and allows to navigate to fresh changes easily, even in deep directory structures.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Andre,

    I can see where this would be useful. However we have recently (with the launch of Git support) spent time trying to optimize the speed of our source browser.

    We left out the directory date intentionally as it is a very expensive calculation for Git repositories. We feel the trade off for performance is at the right balance on this one.

    Sorry I can not help more, cheers,


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