Granting Direct Access doesn't allow users to have access to all repos automatically / instantly

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Globe Runner SEO
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I've provided my team direct access; however whenever i create a repo it doesn't automatically give them access. I have to remove the user and add them back in in order to get direct access updated.

Shouldn't direct access should be instant? Is there a reason currently why users don't get direct access immediately?

How to repeat issue:

Visit the account

(scroll down to direct access)

Add a user that has direct access

Create a new git repo / or import one

Revisit the account page

Click on the user that has direct access. You'll notice they don't have all repo access yet.

Also, when you create a repository you should be able to select the access level (add groups or direct access) If you want to add a team. that's something you want to do in the create repo page: . I'd like to see this as an "advanced fieldset option" when creating a repo.

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  1. David Chambers

    The direct access widget is an ugly hack we added about a year ago as a temporary measure. There are several reasons I suggest that you avoid using this widget:

    • as you've discovered (and as is stated in the explanatory text beneath it), only existing repositories are affected;
    • groups provide a more efficient means of managing user access; and
    • we plan to completely do away with it in the near future.

    This year we'll be making it easier to manage user access, but for now I suggest giving groups a try.

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