Unable to pull from repository.

Issue #3519 resolved
Simon Waight
created an issue

This repository is quite large (1.5GB reported in the web UI). Trying to browse in the web UI results in an error. When pulling using TortoiseHG I get a stream failure after a substantial period (1+ hour). I'm taking over the repo so am not sure what's causing it to be so large (assume media of some form) but am expecting that I shouldn't have the problems I'm having. Repository reference I'm using is https://swaight@bitbucket.org/TheFarm/car0001-carnation-website

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    That's a bit of a bizarre repo. It contains a single 1.6GB changeset, making it look more like a backup.

    You did not give me the actual URL that crashed/timed-out and I cannot find any page that crashes, but we do sometimes have trouble handling humongous changesets like this. In general, hg is not geared very well to files or csets that big.

    Now your clone should not fail. We can look into that further if you raise a support issue by emailing support@bitbucket.org

    Regards, Erik

  2. Simon Waight reporter

    Yeah, it's not a great repo (and it doesn't need to be that big). The web error occured when trying to browse the last changeset (the 1.6GB one). I now appear to able to browse but I haven't tried pulling again from a hg client.

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