Assign SSH keys per project (currently: per user account) (BB-3019)

Issue #3526 resolved
Jakub Zalewski created an issue


I enable access to a project on a server, where other people also have access to. The assigned SSH key leaves open access to my other repositories. Current solution is to register another account just to handle this scenario, but IMO it's nonsense to have a separate project owner for every production server. Not only because you have to register, confirm email, assign admin, etc. every time, but because these project don't appear in 'My repositories' (btw, it'd be nice if projects I'm admin of appeared in a more accessible section)

Example solutions:
upload SSH keys in project admin panel, not user admin panel
leave as it is and add checkboxes with a 'restrict access' option where you select which project would this key give access to

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  1. Erik van Zijst
    • changed status to open

    Agree Jakub, this has been on our radar for quite a while (but hasn't gotten much priority). At Atlassian we use the same workaround (which is problematic because it eats into your plan limits).

  2. Dylan Etkin

    This has been fixed for a while.

    You can register deployment keys against a repo which will provide read-only access to the repo without needing an additional user.

  3. P. Myer Nore

    This would be quite helpful; +1. Right now, all projects have same security level, which means that every server you work on needs to have access to all of your projects if you want access to one of your bitbucket projects. It would be nice to be able to checkout one repo, such as a dotfiles repo, on a remote server without granting that server access to all of your projects.

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