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Issue #3535 resolved

No public repos listed on profiles, even though there are

Gal Leibovici
created an issue

Every profile I enter, I see on the right side under Repositories :{user} has no public repositories.

But I see on the Recent activity stream when they commit to repos, and I can also enter them or follow link to them if they are public. I just don't see them listed on the profile.

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  1. Mikhail Korobov
    • changed status to new

    I also have this issue. There are no repositories listed in profiles. Yes, those repositories are owned by the user. I can't see what public repositories users own.

  2. Siana
    • changed status to open

    I can confirm that i'm experiencing the same issue. The public repositories themselves of other people are accessible to me if i know their address from prior, but they are hard to discover because profile pages show "no public repositories". Two of my collaborators experience the same issue. Another friend of mine points out that public repositories are listed as long as he's viewing the profile page while being logged out, and i confirm this being the case for me.


    1. Establish a clean state. Log out, start a new browser session
    2. Navigate to https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab
    3. Observe: there are dozens of public repositories listed in the right pane. This is how it should be.
    4. Log in.
    5. Observe: right pane shows "lindenlab has no public repositories." Expected: the look of right pane with public repositories listed like it was in step 3.
  3. nyx
    • removed component

    Confirmed. I can see Siana's public repositories if I'm not logged in. Once I log in, the profile shows no public repositories.

  4. Siana

    As a side note, nyx tells me that he's unable to reproduce that on lindenlab profile, though he can on mine. That could be a bit important.

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