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I know that I am supposed to have an invitation from user "gbadge". However, I have not received an inbox notification nor an email. Gbadge is not able to re-send the invitation either.

Can you please fix this bug, so that we can start working on a shared project together?

Thank you.


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  1. tutorials account

    Hi Josh,

    Sorry to hear you having problems. First step, check the junk folder on your email client to see if the email mistakenly went there. If you don't find the email you already have an account on bitbucket, your friend:

    1. Give you access to the repo per the instructions on this page:

    2. Send you an email through his/her regular client with a link to the repo URL.

    I'm also going to file an internal bug against this feature. We should allow your friend to resend an invite if it gets lost.



  2. Hector Mesa

    Hello, is this bug already fixed? There is any way to resend an invitation? I have sent 3 invitations that did not arrive due to email server problems and now i can not send them another invitation thank you in advance best regards Hector

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