PyPy repository push taking forever (BB-3487)

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The main PyPy repo (/pypy/pypy) is taking a lot of time to push to. It's 15s-2min. Given fast pace of pypy development this creates endless push-fail-because someone else pushed, pull merge, try again, fail...

Is there anything that can be done or does it have to stay that way?

Cheers, fijal

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  1. Jesper Noehr


    I'm not entirely sure why this happened at the time when you were trying to push. I've got a few ideas, and I'll investigate more, but more importantly I'd like to know whether you're still seeing this issue? Also, can you tell me how many changesets you were pushing at the time?

  2. Maciej Fijalkowski

    This is not something new, it has been haunting us for a while (like weeks if not months) and it's still present. I can measure times from different hosts if you want. I usually push 1-3 changesets (even 1 with a typo fix takes >10s)

  3. Maciej Fijalkowski

    Not sure what that means :) We have a hook that sends mails to the mailing list, but it's a post-commit hook, should not prevent anything from happening. I'm on #bitbucket in case you want to ask some questions (fijal)

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