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Ryan Curtis created an issue


I work for rally software, owner of and I am working on an integration for adding commit info to our users' projects when they make a commit to bitbucket. I would like to get the integration added to your services dropdown if at all possible. In order for that to work, we would need two fields, one for "project id" and one for "api key". I have written a broker (which is based on the POST broker in your docs) which assumes that these two values come in as payload['service']['projectId'] and payload['service']['apikey'], which is attached. Would you mind working with me to test and add this to your services list?

Thank you, Ryan Curtis

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Dylan emailed me yesterday in response to a support email on this topic. It looks like I need to update the attached .py file a bit, so please hold on this for now. I'll update the issue with new code when it is ready.


  2. Ryan Curtis reporter

    Hey, I've attached a new version. As stated previously I'll need two fields, one for projectId and another for apikey which I'm assuming will come into the handle method as payload['service']['projectId'] and payload['service']['apikey']. I do some basic validation on these but I understand I cannot return an error to the user, as such if these fields are invalid it just returns. is this appropriate or should I log something?

    Thanks, Ryan

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi rbrcuritis,

    I am trying to integrate and test the broker with Bitbucket.

    I have signed up for an account, created a project called testProject and generated an API key.

    I am posting the data to the URL but I am uncertain where in your UI I can verify my data was correctly received.



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