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Vladimir Protasov
created an issue

Sorry for posting this as an issue, but I'm really tired of facing this.

Few minutes ago I've found more than 50 letters with issues from bitbucket in my inbox (It's 700+ letters in inbox folder for this weekend).

I've tried to figure out why does filter didn't moved all of the letters to appropriate folder and found that all the letters were sent from instead of It wasn't the problem to move all the stuff to separate folder and fix the filter, but It's not pleasure to trying to figure out what da hell has happen.

I'm reading your blog and twitter, but there was nothing. And it's not the first time bitbucket makes me sad. And not the second.

So please read the title again and try to think as bitbucket user with 3+ active projects or people will continue preferring github.



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  1. Charles McLaughlin

    Hi Vlad,

    First of all, we did change the "from" email address on our issue tracker a while ago. See issue #1624 for more info.

    That said, I'm not sure I understand the problem. You received 700+ new issues on one of your projects over the weekend. Is that a problem? Or are you just frustrated that your email filter didn't work because we changed the "from" email address. If you have any specific suggestions please let us know.



  2. Vladimir Protasov reporter

    The problem is filter didn't worked for me because of changing "from" field and there were no notice about the change.

    Sorry, I've just found that this was caused by email collector, which grabbed all mail from another box very strange way.

    The suggestion is to get some way to know about changes like this one.



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