Regain the ability to view the list of an issue's followers (BB-3488)

Issue #3551 closed
Nate Coraor
created an issue

A long time ago, Bitbucket used to allow you to view the list of users following an issue. This can be useful when you've created an issue for someone and then you fix said issue, but the person you created it for isn't following the issue (so they don't know it's been fixed). In these cases, I like to notify the person directly, but without the followers list I have no way of knowing whether they were automatically notified by Bitbucket.


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  1. Mark Mikofski

    +1 The number of followers of each issue should be visibly displayed somewhere on the issue page, and as a column on all issues (open, closed, etc) so that I can quickly determine which issues are most pressing to my users. This is very similar to starring an issue on google code, check it out, it is how most projects determine what issues to work on, the key to it is that each user can only star (or heart in the case of bitbucket) an issue once and they need not comment to star it.

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