Allow pull requests to be made even if there is no differences in the master branch

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If there is a branch that exists in a fork that is different from or doesn't exist in the original repo, then it should be possible to make a pull request between the two without having to make changes to the fork's master.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas


    I'm not sure I understand what you mean: do you want to be able to create an empty pull request to serve as a placeholder that you'll populate at a later time with commits?

    At the moment, if I have a fork with branches default and experimental and the parent repository only has the branch default, I can create a pull request that either

    • merges experimental into the default branch of the parent repository, or
    • creates the experimental branch in the parent repository.



  2. joel

    I was able to do this with effectively blank repos. It definitely wasn't working for some of our private repos (doc_raptor/stat_raptor) even after your comment. Since you have in-repo pull requests now, it might not be an issue anyway.

  3. Wouter Boetje

    Probably more of a hassle than it's worth re-opening this entire thing. I would like the ability to make empty pull requests simply by ticking a box, instead of going through hoops to do so.

    In basic, I just want to be able to make a pull request from my repository website, tick the "Make empty pull request" box, and just make my pull request, which for example is titled "Only bug fixes after this pull request".

    It'd make some people's life a bit easier. At least mine.

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