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Bryan Hunt created an issue

I'm trying to get my sales team to enter bugs and feature requests directly into Bitbucket.

They want email notifications when

An issue is assigned to them

An issue which they have reported is updated

\\ But they only have two options\

Be notified of every change to every ticket in a given repository

Be notified of nothing\\

There is an option, when creating a ticket, to be notified of updates to that ticket. I'm not sure the functionality is working correctly. Even if it did, it would satisfy neither of the two cases detailed above.

BUT. If you guys had fixed my bug report [[|gmail parseable token in email]] ... She could just filter using MS Outlook. It's such a tiny change to the output template - I find it difficult to understand why it hasn't been resolved.

Can the Bitbucket team offer any suggestions. Or am I stuck with a system (for the time being) which I can't get my staff to use?

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  1. Bryan Hunt reporter

    Nobody has replied to my last post on a possible workaround. I only created that bug because of the sheer volume of irrelevant emails swamped out those for which I was actually responsible. A salesperson, on the other hand, will flat out refuse to work with an incorrectly functioning system.

    The real problem is that notification emails are an all or nothing proposition. Even really lame systems like Mantis managed to get this right 7 years ago. I would have presumed that a crew like yours would be like - "boom, big up, it's fixed, bro", rather than my having to go back again and again to request updates.

    You guys are rolling out some fancy features like GIT integration. That's great, but do customers really care if you play catchup with github? Perhaps they would prefer for your current offering to just be really simple and work well.

    I'm not in marketing, so I don't know what your current corporate strategy is. Perhaps, it's to up-sell JIRA and Atlasian products. Fair enough, if so, so be it. But if your strategy is to keep current customers, it would be nice to address these basic issues.

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