Suppress compiled output in diffs and other common files (as GitHub does) (BB-3493)

Issue #3564 duplicate
David Chambers
created an issue

This is useful for CoffeeScript projects and projects using LESS/Sass/whatever.

[[|Joshua Peek]] has written code which detects CoffeeScript output. It's written in Ruby but we could use the same logic.

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  1. Patrick Nelson

    One important point may be to figure out how to indicate to Bitbucket that a particular file should be suppressed in the diff view for whatever reason (not just if it's compiled, but also if it's binary but misinterpreted as otherwise). Like in my case, a PDF file 😄 Some files may automatically include a corresponding .map file, but surely wouldn't to rely solely on that alone. Maybe there's some metadata you could commit into the repo similar to a .gitignore file or a button associated with the file when you look at the diff itself to hide/expand (which it will then remember server-side moving forward to help reduce page load issues).

    @Nicolas Venegas do you happen to have a link/reference to how github currently does this? A quick 20 second search didn't turn up much (also useful as a link for the lazy, if you already have it on hand!)

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