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Issue #3567 closed

Support for disabling notifications on issue tracker when the update is done via commit (BB-3567)

created an issue

Bitbucket supports adding services to commits e.g. email, issue tracker update etc.

Generally developers get the commits via the email service. But I like the idea of also enabling the issue tracker service for the sole reason of be able to see all the code changes done for a particular issue at one place.

But when both the services (email & issues) is enabled, we end up getting duplicate emails for a single commit (one from email and other from issue tracker update).

It would be great if you guys can provide an option to disable issue tracker notifications if the update is done via the commit.

Please let me know if you need more info.


Comments (4)

  1. peakit reporter

    Another slightly small issue is that the issue-tracker notification email does not provide direct link to the change-set. I noticed this issue while using gmail as the email service provider.



    Comment: Ref#10

    Fixed a bug <details of the bug>

    Wiki macro error: Changeset 0c08a2e2a693 not found.


    Please feel free to close this if this is already followed up in some other ticket. Also let me know if I should raise a separate ticket for this particular issue.


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