Issue #3580 wontfix
Amarjeet Rai
created an issue

Web browsing on the site is very slow compared to GitHub.

Please consider this for the future

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  1. David Chambers

    Performance is something we take seriously and strive to improve. Are you finding particular things slow, or does your comment relate to the way the site feels in general?

  2. Amarjeet Rai reporter

    Generally the site is slower than GitHub, this is quite noticeable. However at peak times, the loading of pages can take much more than a second, about 2/3 seconds. Which can be very annoying, when comes to finding certain commits.

  3. David Chambers

    Several users have reported slowness over the past few days, and we're grateful to those who have taken the time to write to us.

    We certainly consider speed a feature, and we're aware that Bitbucket pages tend to take longer to load than the GitHub equivalents. We're keen to close this gap, and we — @Erik van Zijst in particular — love making code changes to improve the site's performance.

    Since efforts to improve performance are ongoing we will never consider this issue “resolved”. For this reason I'm closing it as “wontfix”.

    Edit: We will of course make every effort to improve performance in cases where a particular area of the site is slower than it should be. An issue titled “The dashboard is taking ages to load”, for example, would not be closed as “wontfix”.

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