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Issue #3582 resolved

FogBugz service is not working (BB-3544)

Andrew Elster
created an issue

I am unable to get the FogBugz integration service to post to my hosted fogbugz account.

Following the directions for the service:

Go to admin / source control

Click create new repository

Select other (custom)

Click next

FogBugz gives me the following URL: https://astonishdesigns.fogbugz.com/cvsSubmit.asp?ixBug=bugID&sFile=file&sPrev=x&sNew=y&ixRepository=45

The directions are a bit ambiguous at this point. Do I remove ixRespository from the submit URL and put it in the repository ID field? Do I leave the URL as is, and just paste the ID number (45) into the repository ID field? Do I leave the URL as is and paste the entire parameter (ixRepository=45) into the ID field?

I have tried all these variations, but in no cases are commits being picked up by FogBugz.

Comments (8)

  1. RH Becker

    I agree that the docs are ambiguous, but the integration actually works just fine. Using the original poster's info, put these values into the fields ...

    Repository ID: 45 CVSSubmit URL: https://astonishdesigns.fogbugz.com/cvsSubmit.asp

    Then, when you commit, include something like the following in your commit message, where '5' is an example case number: BugzID: 5

    Then, when you visit case 5 in FogBugz, you'll see the checkin link on the left.

    Once you've got that working, go back to FogBugz, where you set up the repo, and enter the following in the extra fields (replace 'your-account-name' and 'your-repo-name' with appropriate values) ...

    Diff URL: https://bitbucket.org/your-account-name/your-repo-name/changeset/^R2 Log URL: https://bitbucket.org/your-account-name/your-repo-name/src/^R2/^FILE

    Now, when you click the check-in link in FogBugz, the links there-in will actually take you somewhere useful.

  2. RH Becker

    The real problems with the FogBugz / Bitbucket integration is that it is much more labor intensive than it needs to be. You have to manually add each bitbucket repo to your FogBugz source control admin area. You have to set up the FogBugz service on each bitbucket repository. Why?

    FogBugz's regular mercurial integration uses a single script to auto-create new repo instances on FogBugz as soon as you commit from that repo with the BugzID keyword in the commit message. You simply point your central mercurial config to the location of the integration script and tell it the base url for all of your repositories. No need to manually add each individual repository.

    On the bitbucket side, this should be something you can set up a single time via bitbucket's account admin interface - i.e. turn on FogBugz integration once, set one config to point to the base url of your FogBugz instance, and have the integration available to any of your repos.

    This would be such an easy integration and such a huge win for any bitbucket users who use FogBugz.


  3. Andrew Elster reporter

    Is the FogBugz service implemented as a Mercurial hook only? If so, then I definitely have a problem in that my repo is in git.

    Because the service broker already requires using the cvssubmit URL, it ought to be able to work with any VCS.

  4. drscre

    This integration works well with BitBucket git repository. Just follow RH Becker's instructions.

    In BitBucket service setup you need to specify only the url part WITHOUT any parameters, like this:

    Repository ID : 45

    CVSSubmit URL : https://astonishdesigns.fogbugz.com/cvsSubmit.asp

    Then you will need to mention your FogBugz case ID in the commit message by putting "BugzID: ID" string in it (this is not documented anywhere :-( ) similar to this:

    git commit -m "This is a superb commit which solves case BugzID: 42"

  5. Brian Nguyen

    Hi All,

    We've made some changes to hooks over the last 18 months, that may have solved this problem.

    I'm closing this issue as fixed but if anyone is still having problems please contact us at support@bitbucket.org.

    Cheers, Brian

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