View the list of repositories that I follow

Issue #3589 invalid
Rodrigo Almeida
created an issue

The dashboard should list all the repositories i follow, but does not. I need create at least one repositories for view the repositories i follow.

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  1. David Chambers

    Your dashboard should list all the repositories you follow, in addition to all the repositories to which you have an elevated level of access ("read", "write", or "admin" access to a private repo; "write" or "admin" access to a public repo).

    The issue's description appears to have been trimmed. Did you have more to say?

  2. David Chambers

    Each of the repositories you follow should appear on your dashboard alongside a red heart. We're aware that the dashboard's layout is suboptimal, and our designer is excited by the prospect of redesigning this screen. This is many months away, though, so for now it's necessary to scan the list for hearts.

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